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The ultimate insurance checklist

There are so many car insurance options available these days. With a huge number of companies providing different types of cover, and comparison sites promising to find you the best deal, it might be easy to assume that these companies can do it for you. But it still helps to know exactly what you want from your insurance package before signing up for anything. Here’s our checklist of things to consider.

Who is using the car?

It can often save you money to have you and your partner on the same insurance. However, it might be worth considering your partner and their driving history. If they have any claims on their record, then the price is likely to be higher. You may also want to protect your own no claims bonus from their…less than careful driving!

Annual mileage

Knowing just how many miles you drive each year can be hard to work out. This can be a frustration, especially when you see that prices can rise or shrink depending on how many miles you put in. A good way to work out your mileage is to look at the MOTs of your car. Each year, the mileage is recorded, and so you can see the difference and work out an average.

Type of usage

Social, domestic, pleasure or commuting? It can seem a little confusing at first, but knowing the correct definition of how you drive your car can save you money. Using your car for work? Make sure you take that into consideration too. There are some specialist providers out there who can give you coverage tailored to this need.

Does your car fit your needs?

Different cars fall into different insurance brackets. Older vehicles tend to be more expensive, as they are less reliable, and don’t have the same safety features and technology as more recent models. So if you have been considering a change, then have a look at what insurance band the car falls in to see if you can save some serious money.

published: 15/05/2018 11:11:14

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