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This Year Set for Record Number of Potholes

Even if you have a Car Warranty agreement, you will need to be aware of all the possible problems that your vehicle might encounter that can cost money. Potholes are a major issue, particularly in winter as they can often seem to appear from nowhere. Ice and snow can cause damage to a road’s surface which can make it crumble, and if your car should hit a pothole then the damage is often costly.

The first snowfall of this winter season has led to an increase in potholes appearing and some of the minor roads are still waiting to be repaired from last year’s problems. It is reported that local authorities have less money this year for making repairs to road surfaces, so drivers can expect the problem to become considerably worse. Drivers run the risk of suffering damage to steering, tyres and other elements of their car they drive over a pothole, so careful driving is essential.

Drivers are advised to drive carefully on roads that are in poor condition, avoiding where possible any potholes in their path. If you have any concerns about your car after hitting a pothole then it is a good idea to consult a mechanic, particularly if you have a form of car warranty in place. Problems that are left untreated can become worse and can be much more costly in the long run. Having an extended car warranty is a good idea as it can cover a number of problems that would otherwise be very expensive to fix.

Car Care Tips  08/12/2010 13:31:21

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