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Top 5 Vehicle Rallies

Gumball Rally

Every year, thousands of car lovers gather to drive in various vehicle rallies across the world. From the thoroughbred supercars of the Gumball rally, to the light-hearted banger rallies, there’s something for everyone and every budget. Held on public roads, these rallies aren’t about racing, but rather about congregating with like-minded car enthusiasts sometimes completing the odd challenge along the way. We’ve compiled a list of our five favourite vehicle rallies – which takes your fancy?

Gumball 3000

This British 3,000 mile legend of a rally sees the yearly gathering of 120 exotic, bizarre and powerful sports cars. First founded in 1999, it takes place on a different route around the world each year and is classed as more of a voyage for car enthusiasts than a serious prize-winner. The idea takes inspiration from a number of car movies, including Vanishing Point and Bullitt, and it is thought that 1976 film The Gumball Rally lends it its name. The Gumball 3000 often draws celebrity guests and, in the past, TV personality David Hasselhoff has been a familiar face.


The organisers of the Ramshackle Rally call it an adventure - ‘an alternative holiday, piloting scrap metal along some fantastic roads.’ This kind of rally is also known as a banger rally, which suits the theme of participants putting together a ride for under £200. The idea is to decorate your beaten up rally car in the most intriguing ways, creating anything from spaceships to fluffy animals, and adopting fancy dress to match.

Rickshaw Run

In the Rickshaw Run, participants drive Auto Rickshaws - which are more commonly known as tuk-tuks or three-wheelers - along a number of routes across India and Nepal. They take place every 6 months, in a warm and a cold climate. Auto Rickshaws are a common method of transportation around the world and are often an essential form of transport in densely populated areas. This means they’re not necessarily built for the racing world and many previous runs have involved serious incidents. It is organised by the same group who organise the Mongol Rally.

Mongol Rally

The Mongol Rally, which runs from Europe to Mongolia, could be described as epic on the rally circuit. Rules state that, due to the tough nature of the trip, any car involved in the rally must be less than 10 years old. Unlike traditional rallies, it means nothing to be the first or the fastest, and organisers are swift to draw attention to the fact that racing on public highways is illegal. The rally is a free-for-all and competitors are almost entirely on their own; organising their own accommodation and safety measures.

Modball Rally

Any ride goes in the Modball Rally - described by many as a party on wheels. Celebrities, live music and fundraisers grace the roads of the States, Europe and Australia every year and thousands of participants have attended over 75 parties through 65 of the world’s most exciting cities. A crazy week where a fun-loving nature and a love for cars is imperative, the Modball Rally is said to leave life-long memories of experiences you can’t get anywhere else, with opportunities to meet the celebrities and be wildly creative with vehicle choices.

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