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Top British Racing Driver Biographies

As a nation, we’ve produced racing champions aplenty. But what about the man behind the wheel? For a more detailed look into some of your favourite racing stars careers and lives, check out these biographies.

Stirling Moss - Stirling Moss: The Authorised Biography 

Stirling Moss has had an incredible career and has been described as: “the greatest driver never to win the World Championship," an equally flattering and regretful compliment. 40 years on from his colourful career the supremely gifted racer spoke in detail with Robert Edwards about his life, from being bullied and forging his competitive nature to the near-fatal crash. Robert Edwards draws on first-time access to Stirling’s private collection of telling images and memorabilia. With plenty of never-seen-before images, this would make a beautiful and interesting addition to your coffee table.

Jenson Button – My Champion Year

Things weren’t going well for Jenson in 2008. Honda decided to quit Formula One and it was thought Jenson wouldn’t be able to score a new spot so late in the game. In an incredible turn of events, October 2009 saw Jenson named the World Champion. It sounds like something straight out of a motivational Hollywood blockbuster, but for Jenson, it was reality! If you want the inside scoop on what happened, straight from the horse’s mouth, you need to pick up ‘My Champion Year’. Jenson includes his thoughts on the races along with quotes and texts from his team members to give it a very intimate feel. A tale of extraordinary proportions, not to be missed.

Jackie Stewart – Winning Is Not Enough

Otherwise known as ‘The Flying Scot’, Jackie Stewart was a main player in Formula 1 during the 60s and 70s, scooping three World Drivers’ Championships and 27 Grands Prix. Since retiring from the circuit he has focused on building an admirable global business career. Jackie has dyslexia, so he dictated his autobiography ‘Winning Is Not Enough’. Published in 2007, it offers a detailed and wide reaching account of Jackie’s life. From how his parents met to a chapter on his dogs and of course his glory F1 day, it’s a thorough, meaty read. Be warned though, there is quite a lot of name dropping!

Lewis Hamilton – My Story

Whilst there are a plenty of Lewis Hamilton books on the market, this is the only one as told by the man himself. You might think a 22-year-old wouldn’t have much to say, but Lewis Hamilton’s ‘My Story’ will prove you wrong. The F1 champ opens up about his unbelievable debut season, his home life and his early (well, earlier!) years. His first F1 season saw Lewis finishing on the podium in nine races on the trot, making him the first driver to achieve this accolade ever.

Jim Clark – Racing Legend

Jim Clark was a Scottish F1 driver who the Times placed at the top of a list of the greatest-ever F1 drivers. Jim won two World Championships in the 60s, but sadly died later that decade. He died in an F2 accident in Germany in 1968. When he died, Jim had won more Grand Prix races and achieved more Grand Prix pole position than any other driver. ‘Racing Legend’ is written by experienced F1 journalist Eric Dymock, and covers Jim’s life and career with finesse. 

published: 27/01/2015 09:09:42

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