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Top ten convertibles for the summer

Top ten convertibles - Rolls Royce

Summer means one thing – sunshine. And to really make the most of it, you’ll want to be driving a convertible. There are few things better in life than having the roof down, wind blowing through your hair, sun shining down beautifully from above. But when it comes to driving, a retractable roof is not enough. You need a decent car to go with that roof. Here are our top ten.

MINI Convertible

Combining style and charm, the MINI Convertible is perfect for navigating the busy summer roads and nipping into a small space in the car park. British spirit with German engineering – the perfect combo!

Mazda MX-5

A firm favourite for those who know their cars, the recent relaunch of the Mazda MX-5 keeps the iconic design and adds all the mods and cons of the latest cars. A superb all-rounder.

BMW 4 Series

For those after something a bit bigger, the BMW 4 Series is perfect. More seats, more space and you have the huge convertible roof, meaning your entire family can feel the benefit of the good weather.

Audi A3 Cabriolet

The Germans certainly know how to make a decent convertible, and the third entry on the list is no exception. The A3 has great handling, great performance, and a spacious, comfy interior with or without the roof up.

VW Golf Cabriolet

The Volkswagen Golf is seemingly always popular, its classic combination of small size with a strong engine making it the go to car for young drivers and older petrolheads. The convertible version retains all that makes the hatchback version great, with a little extra wind in your hair.

Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet

Want to impress those at the office and drive home in-style? The Mercedes C-Class is the perfect executive car to make a statement on the commute or in the work car park. And at the weekend, you can wind the roof down and enjoy yourself.

Rolls-Royce Dawn

For those seeking an all together more prestigious drive, the Rolls-Royce Dawn is built like a stately executive car, and you can retract the roof. Heads will turn at the beach when you turn up in this car.

Audi TT Roadster

One of the more affordable sportscars on the market (when compared to the big hitters), what the TT lacks in price, it makes up for in top quality engineering. Perfect for a summer getaway with the one you love, roaring along sunkissed coastal roads.

Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is just a fun car to look at and drive. The convertible version is perfect for those who want to go out with their pals, turn up the music, and sing at the top of their voices as they head to the barbecue.

Jaguar F-Type

So it might be a bit on the pricy side, but if you want to truly embrace the summer, then the Jaguar F-Type Convertible is the perfect car. Extremely stylish, rapid, and fun to drive, the F-Type is one of the best sportscars on the road. The retractable roof makes it even better.

published: 19/06/2018 11:39:25

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