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Top tips for cleaning your windscreen

If asked to list the most vital parts of your car the windscreen is probably going to be the last thing you remember. However, if overlooked you could end up in trouble on the road. The majority of your time whilst driving is spent looking through this one screen so it is obviously crucial to maintain it.

Visibility is critical for safe driving. You must be aware of exactly what is happening ahead of you so you can react accordingly. The glass can quickly become dirty and reduce visibility to the point it poses a safety hazard. In an ideal world, the screen should be totally crystal clear; allowing the driver to forget there is even a barrier between them and the road.

Clean and clear

Keeping your windscreen clean both inside and out is not only one of the most important jobs but also one of the easiest. By following this simple procedure it can be done in under half an hour:

1. First you should use a microfiber cloth to wipe the interior side of the windscreen. Automotive glass cleaner can now be applied to the whole area of the screen.

2. With an unused part of the cloth you should wipe the top edges of the windscreen. Now the dirt canít travel down the glass after you have finished cleaning.

3. Another clean part of cloth should be used whilst spraying and re-wiping the inner edges. Now the middle part of the screen can be wiped and sprayed again if it is required. To finish off use a clean cloth to wipe the entire screen a final time.

4. Now for the exterior side of the screen, first the glass must be wiped over with a clean cloth. The glass should be sprayed all over with glass cleaner before rinsing it off with fresh water. The screen can now be dried using a final clean cloth.

Chips and cracks

Chips are most often caused by stones or debris flicked up by other cars on the road. You should be constantly vigilant for chips because, when left untreated, they often lead to cracks. Apart from creating a visual distraction they can cause an inconvenient MOT failure. On top of this it will cost hundreds to have it replaced.

When you notice a chip you should get it checked by windscreen replacement professionals immediately. Many insurance companies include some form of windscreen cover and will happily send someone out to check it out. Often it can be free of charge to repair chips or minor cracks but if it has been neglected the whole screen will need replacing.

Chips and cracks can be kept minimal by taking certain precautions whilst out on the road. Make sure you are not driving too close to the car in front, their wheels will flick up stones from time to time. Take even more care when travelling down stony country roads or gravel tracks. During the colder months donít make the mistake of pouring hot water on the screen to de-ice it; sharp temperature changes put extreme stress on the screen.

Car Care Tips  17/10/2014 11:08:55

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