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Top tips for driving in the snow

The British weather means you never quite know what to expect. Itís one of the reasons why that whenever snow hits, the country goes into complete chaos! But thereís no need to panic, as people around the world happily drive in snowy conditions on a daily basis. Here are our top tips for keeping you on the move in a winter wonderland.

Check the weather forecast

When snow hits, the last thing you want to do is be heading out into an even worse snowstorm. Getting snowed in and stuck inside your car can be dangerous, and itís easy to burn through a full tank of petrol as you try to keep warm with the heater.

Checking the forecast will let you know if itís safe to venture out or you should hold off until the worst of the bad weather passes.

Check the anti-freeze level in your car

If you are heading out in the snow, your car is likely to freeze. So itís important the water in your car has enough anti-freeze to keep it from seizing up.

Check your tyres

Youíre unlikely to be needing chains to put on your tyres as snow doesnít hit the UK frequently enough to make it worthwhile. Nor are you likely to need special snow tyres. But it is important that the tread on your tyres is at a safe level when driving in the snow. Have a look and make sure there are no bald patches on your tyres where they have been worn down over time.

Accelerate and decelerate slowly

With snow or ice on the ground, your grip will be diminished. Being too heavy on the accelerator can cause your wheels to spin, meaning you lose control. The same can be said for braking, as your wheels can lock and you will go into a slide.

Make sure your phone is fully charged

Going out in the snow, the chances are higher that you can get stuck. If that happens, youíll need to be able to call for help. Take a fully charged mobile phone with you and, if you have it, a charger you can plug into your car. Having a little bit of battery can mean the difference between being safe and being stuck in the cold.†

published: 23/01/2018 08:09:41

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