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Top Tips for Making Parking Easy


Whether you enjoy driving or whether it’s just another aspect of being behind the wheel that you dislike, most people are in agreement that parking a car is not fun. What’s more, it’s not always easy – we’ve all been in the situation where parking a car is a bit of a nightmare, often because you’ve struggled to find a parking space in the first place.

While we can’t make parking a car fun, we can help make it easier and less stressful. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be out of your car, and getting on with your day in no time.

Take your time

Not taking your time is one of the most common errors by drivers when parking. Far too often, people panic under the pressure of a car waiting behind them in the road, and rush their manoeuvre, resulting in a badly parked vehicle – which often makes getting out of the space even harder than getting in. Take your time, take things slow and you’ll be in your space nice and neat in no time.

Have a look

It’s a simple tip, but it’s also one that many people ignore. You’ve got three mirrors and a neck. Use them all! Ensuring you have your wing mirrors and rear view mirror properly adjusted will help you see all of the space around you as best as possible. If you’re not sure whether you’re close enough to the curb, feel free to open the door and look, before adjusting your car as necessary.

One step back, two steps forward

Nobody wants to be the owner of a car parked so badly that passers by laugh and sneer, but that’s what can happen if you rush your parking job. This tip is particularly helpful when parallel parking, and could save you from the expense of repairing chips and scratches. If you think you’ve gone wrong, pull out and start again. Think about the rules you learnt for parallel parking and ensure you start from the right position. If you pull in at the wrong angle, move out and start again. You’ll find yourself gradually becoming a better parker, which means a quicker parker, too.

Move on

We’ve all spent time trying to park in a space that is very small and very tight, and most probably too small for any car. Ask yourself one simple question – would you rather have to put in an insurance claim or take your car to the garage, or spend a few extra minutes finding a space that your car will comfortably fit in? There’s no shame in admitting defeat every now and then!

So there we have it – four simple tips that will make parking easier. Remember them and use them and you’ll soon become a better parker, taking some of the stress away from driving. If you can think of any other useful tips, be sure to let us know in the comments.

published: 11/02/2014 09:12:27

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