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Top tips for summer driving

Heading out and making the most of the good weather is an essential part of summer. But is your car ready for the change of season? When the heatwave hits, it can make people a little crazy. It also puts more stress on your vehicle. Here are our top tips for summer driving, so that you can focus on enjoying yourself in the nice weather.

Keep your car hydrated

Summer means hot weather, which means it will be harder for your engine to maintain the correct temperature. It’s even more difficult if you don’t have enough water in your radiator. So check the levels regularly and make sure you top it up.

Keep yourself hydrated

The car can be working perfectly, but if you are not coping with the weather, then you could still have an accident. So make sure you take enough water for you and your passengers when you drive. Bringing a cool box might be a good idea too, as no one likes to drink warm water.

Clean out your filters

The air con will be in overdrive as you try and keep cool. But dirt and grime will accumulate over the months. Meaning you will be circulating dirt and dust around you – a nightmare if you suffer from hayfever or allergies. Give your filters a clear to improve performance and hygiene.

Check your oil

It’s not just water that keeps your car cool. Oil helps lubricate the engine. If you don’t have enough oil, then the friction will build and so will the temperature. This will cause serious damage to your engine. So make sure you keep your oil levels to the manufacturer’s recommended amount.

Tyre pressure

The intense heat will have an effect on your tyres, meaning they will warp slightly in the higher temperatures. To combat this, you need to make sure the tyre pressure in your car is as it should be. Check your car’s driver manual for information on the level it should be, and stop at a garage to pump them up.

published: 26/06/2018 09:55:58

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