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UK drivers set to switch to telematics

UK drivers set to switch to telematics Image

New research that has been conducted by the United Kingdom-based comparison portal GoCompare suggests that more than 60% of British motorists believe that insurance companies will change to "black box" - otherwise known as telematics - technology within the course of the next five years.

The research also demonstrated that more than 90% of drivers in the United Kingdom believe that car insurance premiums, if not the cost of extended auto warranties, should be based upon driving habits instead of on characteristics such as gender or age. 

Their opinion is one that is shared by the great majority of professionals within the insurance industry as well.  "Given the rising costs of motoring, we think that the new generation of telematics car insurance policies will play a greater role in the car insurance market in the coming months" believes Scott Kelly, who works as the Head of Car Insurance for GoCompare. 

A number of insurance companies in the United Kingdom already use telematics technology on a voluntary basis, with those drivers who show friendly driving habits being given the reward of cheaper insurance premiums.  Telematics technology comes in the form of a small box, which is installed in the vehicle and that is able to measure the motorist's behaviour while they are driving; the results of which can be collated and analysed by insurance providers.  As many as 57% of drivers in the United Kingdom are intending to switch to the technology for insurance purposes in the next five years, the survey suggests.

published: 20/03/2012 11:00:01

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