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United Kingdom is whiplash capital of Europe

United Kingdom is whiplash capital of Europe Image

The increased focus on whiplash as a major factor in the rising cost of car insurance premiums has been welcomed by price comparison website  The United Kingdom has been declared the whiplash capital of Europe by Transport Secretary Justine Greening, with the country experiencing over 1,500 claims each and every day.  

Over the course of the last decade, the figures for deaths and serious injuries on British roads have fallen from 3,450 to 1,900, yet at the same time motor insurance quotes have been steadily rising, with figures from ABI between 2005 and 2009 showing that the amount of whiplash claims rose by no less than 70%, an increase that has been primarily attributed to the rising use of "no win, no fee" injury claims.

An announcement has been made by Greening that a summit will be hosted over the coming months in order to take a look at the insurance industry in general, but car insurance in particular.  Andrew Goulborn, the Commercial Director of, says the announcement that whiplash is on the agenda of the government is good news, while last month the cross party Transport Committee called for there to be a higher threshold when it comes to compensation in whiplash cases.  

While whiplash cases have no bearing on the price of extended auto warranties, car insurance premiums are believed to have been rising inexorably due to the explosion in such claims.  

Author - Michael Barclay

Insurance  20/02/2012 14:00:01

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