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Upgrading an Auto Warranty

Upgrading an Auto Warranty Image

Consumers sometimes think that once they have made a selection of an auto warranty, they are stuck with the decision.  Actually, there are instances in which car owners can choose to upgrade the warranty at a later date.  The trick is to understand the policies and procedures of the warranty provider and determine if you fall into the category of customers who can upgrade with relatively little effort.

With a new car, the owner normally has a grace period in which to decide if a selected auto warranty plan is a good fit.  Should, upon reflection, the owner decide that a different plan is more to his or her liking, the provider will often accommodate the request as long as the owner contacts the provider within that period of time.  

Providers will sometimes be willing to upgrade an auto warranty even after the grace period is complete.  It is not unusual for the terms of the upgrade to require the vehicle to undergo an inspection, just to make sure the vehicle meets the quality standards set by the warranty provider and does not present an unreasonable level of risk for the provider.  

Even if you have purchased a used vehicle, there may still be the option of upgrading that auto warranty for at least some period of time, provided the car has been maintained properly and there is no reason to assume that some impending mechanical issue is prompting the desire for the upgrade.  Talk with your provider today and determine if you are eligible for some type of upgrade.

Author - Michael Barclay

Motor Warranty  04/04/2011 11:00:01

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