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Weird Car Insurance Claims

Weird Car Insurance Claims Image

While taking out a Car Warranty is usually a simple task, claiming car insurance can be rather more complicated - not least for the car insurance companies themselves, given the bizarre nature of some of the claims for insurance that they receive.  

Aviva UK once received a claim for insurance after a polished and washed Armstrong Siddeley vehicle was left in a farmyard and ended up being mistaken for a ram.  Apparently, another ram entered the farmyard, spotted his reflection in the shiny vehicle and, assuming it was an intruder, promptly butted the thing.  

One of the most comical claims came from a man whose girlfriend was responsible for the wrecking of his motorbike.  Concerned that Insure.com would not pay if they knew he wasn't driving at the time, he claimed he had been - and tied himself onto the back of a truck while a friend dragged him around "a little bit" in order to give himself a road rash.  Alas, his cunning plan was rather foiled by the fact that his girlfriend had already told the insurance company she had caused the accident.  

In the USA, insurance giant Aetna Life once had a claim from a man who was sitting in his parked car at lunchtime.  In order to enjoy his lunch, the man took out his dentures.  Unfortunately, he then sneezed, sending the dentures out of the window and into the path of an oncoming car.

Author - Michael Barclay

published: 28/12/2011 11:00:01

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