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What could void your warranty

Having a Car Warranty is an excellent way to protect your car from any breakdowns or issues that could leave you off the road. But it’s important to know the rules and limitations of your car warranty. Here are some of the items to watch out for when buying and using a car warranty.

Mileage limits

Car Warranties are often based on potential usage of a car. So if you end up driving your car a lot more than you anticipated, this could push you over the mileage limit included in the warranty. If this is the case, you should contact your provider and ask them if you can extend your limit. Otherwise, you will have to make sure to watch the miles.

Modifying your car

If you are interested in modifying your car, be wary as this could also void your warranty. Adding your own modifications like a different exhaust, or tuning up your engine, could potentially backfire if the car ends up breaking down. Check the warranty and make sure you are covered for your modifications.

Wear and tear

Most warranties will not offer any replacement for items that are designed to wear out over time. This includes windscreen wipers, brake pads, light bulbs and tyres. This also includes little bits of damage to your seats and upholstery. So if you are using a warranty to protect your car, be sure to look after the interior yourself.

Oil, water and brake fluid

Even with a car warranty, it is important for you to make sure you top up your cars fluids yourself. Neglecting the basic checks you should carry out on any car. This includes oil levels, water (both in your radiator and wiper fluid), and your brake fluid levels. If in doubt, ask a mechanic to give your engine a full check-up.

published: 20/02/2018 17:21:21

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