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What people look for in a modern car

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Driving, for many, has never been so exciting. Technology has given an almost futuristic twist to the driving experience, with pedestrian-detecting night vision, electronic maps and surround-sound systems to rival those found in a nightclub. Cameras in the back of the car for reversing, key-less entry and even heated seats are swiftly becoming the norm. But do people look for these when buying a modern car?


Different gadgets serve different purposes in a modern car. Some are designed to enhance driving pleasure, some to make everyday tasks easier and more convenient for the driver and some for additional safety. It is true that a big element that attracts buyers to modern cars is the inbuilt gadgets and mod-cons that are becoming more and more common.

Features such as power steering and air conditioning are becoming predictable, so car buyers often look for the desirable gadgets they would be paying for anyway. These include sat-navs (once an expensive commodity), MP3 player capabilities and windscreen wipers that sense rain.


Another thing important in modern cars is economical driving. With today’s rising prices of fuel, repairs and upkeep, any parts of a car that assist in these expenses are desirable. Many car buyers look to observe the quality of the tires, brakes and the gearbox - especially in used modern cars - in order to keep costs down.


Safety is a big word in modern day driving and many car buyers look for additional features that can provide the assurance that their new car is a safe environment for all. This means more than the standard seat belt, air bags and headrest. It includes driver cages that are stronger than ever and airbags that exist beyond the dashboard. Modern car safety also extends to anti-lock brakes and backup sensors, which alert the driver when the rear end of the vehicle is close to hitting something. This is a safety feature that suits both the driver and nearby pedestrians.


There are, of course, those who still enjoy the feel of a classic car with its history, reliability and simple prowess. According to recent research by the AA, 86% of car drivers wish manufacturers would go back to basics and indeed look beyond the mod cons. Practicality is seen by many drivers as far more important than additional extras, such as alloy wheels and heated seats. It may only be a matter of time until sat navs are found in every car, and ‘modern’ becomes the past once again but, according to the research, modest gadgets such as power windows are still desirable, even after being seen in car manufacturing for over 70 years.

Car Buying Tips  09/01/2014 11:28:07

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