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What to Expect From Auto Extended Warranty Plans

What to Expect From Auto Extended Warranty Plans Image

Auto extended warranty plans are offered on just about all new cars, and may even be available with some makes and models of used cars.  One of the benefits of these types of warranty plans is that owners have access to a wider range of benefits that are available for a longer period of time.  As with most warranties, auto extended warranty plans vary somewhat, although there are a few essentials that will be found with just about every extended plan.


As the name implies, auto extended warranty plans provide benefits that are above and beyond those found in basic Car Warranties.  This means that any plan you consider should offer something a little more, such as more routine maintenance features, possibly more competitive discounts off certain types of repairs, and maybe an additional benefit or two such as discounts on car rentals while your car is in the shop.  The idea is to find the right extended plan to match your needs, while also remaining within your budget.


It may take a little time to evaluate different auto extended warranty plans and choose the right one.  Most dealers allow a grace period that enables you to consider your options before making a final decision.  Along with considering extended warranties available through the dealer, also check into plans offered by independent providers.  You may find that one of those independent offerings provides a wider range of features that reduce maintenance costs, while still charging a rate that is competitive and saving you a little money.


Author: Michael Barclay

published: 29/03/2011 14:00:00

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