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What will change in the driving test

On the 4th of December, the UK driving test is undergoing some changes. Where once, all you had to do was apply for a licence, today you need to take both a theory and written test to get certified to drive. †Over the years, driving has changed dramatically, and the test often gets updated to reflect this. The new changes are some of the biggest for a long time. So whatís new?

Independent driving

One of the most recent changes was an independent driving part of the test. This is where you are asked to drive without any direction from the examiner, who normally gives you specific instructions of which turn and road to take. This used to be a ten minute period, but is now being upgraded to a whole twenty minutes.

Using a Sat-Nav

GPS technology is now so commonplace, it is seen as being a key part of everyday driving. Whether itís a device you buy separately for your car, or using the maps on your smartphone, being able to confidently plan, operate and update your GPS is now a big part of the exam. This will normally take place at the start of the independent driving section of the test; with the route you input being used to guide you instead of the examiner. You will also be tested on how well you follow the instructions from your GPS.

Answering questions during the drive

A part of the test for a while now, the examiner will normally ask you some questions on car maintenance and safety. This used to be when the car was stationary, but will now take place during the driving segment. This will test your knowledge and concentration levels.

The dreaded manoeuvres

One of the most stressful parts of the driving test is the manoeuvre. For a long time, this was: reversing around a corner, turning in the road, parallel parking and reversing into a parking bay. This has now changed. Reversing around a corner and turning in the road are no longer part of the test. Instead, they have been replaced by a new manoeuvre. You will be asked to park on the opposite side of the road, to reverse four car lengths, and then to rejoin traffic.

Bay parking has also changed, as you may be asked to drive in and reverse out, instead of the usual reverse in, drive out.

published: 01/12/2017 08:11:32

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