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Why a Used Car Warranty is a Good Idea

Why a Used Car Warranty is a Good Idea Image

Many car owners see the wisdom of securing a decent Car Warranty when buying a new car.  After all, keeping the new car under warranty means that if something goes wrong with the car through no fault of the owner, there is a good chance the issue will be covered under the terms of the warranty plan, and repairs can be made at minimal expense.  However, is there any real reason to obtain a car warranty on a used vehicle?  Actually, there is a very good reason to compare and purchase a decent warranty for your used car.

While the terms and conditions may be slightly different with a used car warranty, the same basic purpose for the coverage remains.  The warranty protects the interests of the owner, in that, should a covered event take place during the life of the warranty, the expense involved in the repairs or replacements of covered components will be offset by the warranty benefits.  Unless you have plenty of money to devote to repairs that are necessary through no fault of your own, that used car warranty can come in very handy.

Before choosing to go with the used car warranty offered by a dealer, check with independent providers and see what they have to offer for your specific make and model.  You may find that it is possible to lock in similar terms and conditions for a little less money, or even to obtain coverage that is slightly better than the dealer plan.  With a little luck, you can secure a warranty that is affordable and also provides adequate benefits.

Author - Michael Barclay

Car Warranty  02/06/2011 11:00:01

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