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Yorkshire Drivers Struggle With Costs

Yorkshire Drivers Struggle With Costs Image

Around a third of all drivers in Yorkshire are having difficulty in coping with the costs of running a motor vehicle, according to new figures.  Almost 30% of drivers in the region claim they are finding it tough to deal with driving expenses, research from used car search site has revealed.

The latest Driver Satisfaction Index from the website shows that the price of fuel and insurance premiums, in addition to such things as extended auto warranties, are the prime worry for motorists all over the United Kingdom.  Over a third of the 2,000 people questioned in the YouGov survey are mostly worried about the cost of car insurance, although one in five claimed to be primarily concerned about the state of the roads in their particular area.

The survey has also revealed that a quarter of drivers are reducing their fuel expenditure, with 12% increasingly using public transport instead in an attempt to save money.  Meanwhile 26% claim to be reducing the amount they spend on weekly groceries in order to help them maintain their motor vehicle.  

"For most of us, the car is a necessity and the increasing costs facing motorists are alarming" says the Commercial Director of, Phil Jones.  "The car is fundamental to the economy, getting us from A to B in all areas of life, and the evidence is clearly there that blithely resorting to a temporary freeze in fuel duty is simply not enough."

Motoring News  10/01/2012 14:00:00

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