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The Go Car Warranty team present to you the latest car news and motoring stories. Sharing with you the on trend motoring stories; driving and buying advice and up to date car warranty news and reviews. Should you have a news story that you would like our opinion on, then please do get in touch with us over at our social channels.

Top five convertibles for 2018

25/05/2018 12:08:19

There are few better things than cruising along in your car with the roof down, wind whipping through your hair and your tunes played loud. So which are the hot convertibles to have in 2018? Hereís our pick of the top five to buy this year.

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DIY car maintenance tips

23/05/2018 16:17:05

Everyone loves to save money, and one of the best ways is to do a little DIY. But fixing up your spare bedroom is a lot less daunting prospect than having a go at repairing your car. It need not be that way. Itís simply a matter of fo ...

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Top tips for defensive driving

10/04/2018 08:33:42

You can never be too careful when out on the road. Itís impossible to tell the mood of the driver in the lane beside you, nor whether they are fully concentrated on the road and what theyíre doing. So how can you protect yourself and your car ...

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2018 Formula 1 Guide

06/04/2018 10:49:18

The new season for Formula One has finally arrived and race fans will be eagerly waiting for it all to roar off the starting grid once again. Last season saw a fierce battle for top of the championship fizzle out, as Hamilton cruised to victory. Thi ...

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Ultimate spring cleaning checklist

03/04/2018 09:46:23

Now that winter has been and gone, the time has come to get ready for spring. The better, warmer weather means you will be using your heater less, and (hopefully) winding your windows down a lot more. So how can you get your car prepared for ...

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Safety tips for smooth Easter journeys

29/03/2018 10:01:43

The Easter holidays are a great opportunity to spend some time with the family before the big summer holidays. With just two weeks to use, you may end up trying to cram a lot into the short space of time. This often means lots of time on the road. ...

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Top tips for choosing a car warranty

27/03/2018 12:01:35

Protecting your car with a warranty is one of the best ways to ensure a breakdown wonít keep you off the road for too long. But there are a large number of different options to choose from. So how do you find the right one for you? Here are our tips ...

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