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The Go Car Warranty team present to you the latest car news and motoring stories. Sharing with you the on trend motoring stories; driving and buying advice and up to date car warranty news and reviews. Should you have a news story that you would like our opinion on, then please do get in touch with us over at our social channels.

How to make sure your car is ready for winter

20/11/2018 09:28:16

The coldest time of the year is upon us and it’s not just people who need to get used to the sudden change in temperature. Our cars can suffer more than most when it gets colder, which can cause delays, drama and breakdown ...

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Give thanks to your car

16/11/2018 12:15:28

November is the time to reflect on the year that’s just gone. In the USA, families across the nation come together for Thanksgiving. So we thought about what we need to give thanks for when it comes to our cars. Thank you for n ...

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Benefits of buying a used car over a new car

13/11/2018 10:19:46

When it comes to choosing your next car, you have two options: buy a new car or go for a used one. It may seem the obvious choice, but there are a lot of benefits of going for a secondhand car rather than something brand new. < ...

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How to find the top road trip places around your city

09/11/2018 09:26:19

When it comes to road trips, we often look at longer drives to places a bit further afield. But sometimes, a great road trip can be right on your doorstep. So how do you find the top road trip places around your city? Check local tra ...

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Comparison of the Audi A1 and BMW 1 Series

06/11/2018 09:41:48

Two of the most popular and best regarded car makers on the planet, Audi and BMW truly live up to the stereotype of efficient German engineering.  Their models regularly compete against each other on the market. Two of their top models are the Au ...

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Why November is a great time to buy a car

02/11/2018 16:14:10

Knowing when the best time to buy a new car can be difficult. With so many different sales and seasons, you might be concerned that youíll miss out on a great deal that you would have found just a month earlier or later. So what about November?

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How to decorate your car for Halloween

26/10/2018 09:43:05

October 31st is almost upon us and people across the country are getting in the spooky spirit. More and more people are going all out to decorate their homes. So why not give your car a spooky makeover? If itís on the driveway or outsi ...

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