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Common Questions and Answers on Car Warranties

Want a quick and comprehensive overview of our help section in one simple blog? You've come to the right place. Here is a condensed version with all the important bits you need to know.

So, what does a warranty cover and why do you need one?

A Car Warranty is basically an insurance policy that covers repair costs and/or replacement parts and labour for your car in the event of a mechanical or electrical fault. You can purchase a warranty on an annual basis, just like you'd renew your car insurance. GO Car Warranties aim is to give you peace of mind, keep your car on the road and all at an affordable price. It is worth being aware that warranty cover differs from breakdown cover, although our warranties do contribute to vehicle recovery. You can find out more about our breakdown cover here. 

GO Car Warranty cover mechanical and electrical components against failure or breakdown and include  repairs at franchised dealerships. You can also choose a policy that will cover you for wear and tear. If you would like more details on each policy and what they cover, you can view these here. 

So you think getting a warranty sounds like a good idea. 'How do I go about getting a quote?' I hear you say, look no further...

All GO Car Warranty quotes are free of charge and can be obtained online by simply entering your registration and choosing the cover you would like. You can access our quote page here. You can purchase the policy you choose online by following the simple instructions. If you prefer you can speak to one of our UK based Customer Care Team on 0800 612 1302, and rest assured, there are no additional premiums and no add-ons. If you want to pay by instalments you will need to do this over the phone. For a more detailed overview of how to get a quote and how to pay, visit our dedicated help section.

You've purchased your warranty and you're glad you did because your car has a fault. What do you do to register a claim?

The first thing to do would be to call us on 0871 384 1168. We’ll tell you where your nearest VAT registered garage is and you bring your car along. The garage will then assess the cause of breakdown and check that the faulty part/parts are covered by your warranty. The garage will contact GO Car Warranty to agree on repair costs. If your warranty covers the faulty part/parts, we will then pay the garage directly for the cost of parts and labour. If you want further information on making a claim, take a look at our claims help section.

We hope that this has given you a useful overview of how our warranties work. If you still have unanswered questions, please visit our help section which covers each of these topics in greater detail, and more!



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