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New Years resolution ideas for behind the wheel

Upon entering the New Year we are presented with a chance to make some real positive changes in our lives. Each year we hear the same cliché resolutions, such as “I’m going to join the gym and get fit”. More often than not a couple of months of intensive gym activity is followed by eventually slipping back into bad habits. Instead of letting this discourage you, make your own personal resolutions and stick to them.

The key to making long term positive changes in our lives is to choose goals which are simple, realistic and of course, beneficial. Most of us drivers could greatly improve the quality of our lives by making a resolution to drive smarter. Long-term changes to our driving habits could see benefits for both health and finances. Continue reading to discover some simple yet remarkable effective New Years resolution ideas for behind the wheel.

Become More Observant

The absolute key to trouble-free driving is basic observation. When out on our roads we face a unique set of obstacles each day, all of which must be navigated quickly to arrive safely at our destinations. These often include vehicles crossing our paths, changing traffic signals, pedestrians the road or even wild animals darting out in front of us. By making a resolution to become more present and observant whilst driving we can greatly reduce near misses and minimise the chance of annoying accidents. Avoid letting your mind wonder too far whilst driving, instead keep your mind occupied solely on the road around you at all times.

Cut Out Road-Rage

Doesn’t it just make your blood boil when others disregard common courtesy and traffic rules? Especially when their actions put you in a potentially dangerous situation. Maybe you had to stomp on the breaks, swerve your vehicle and take evasive manoeuvres. However, that post near-miss road rage will only mist your judgments, increasing your chances of having a future accident. Instead, make yourself a resolution to deal with the situation calmly. Safely distance yourself from the source of your stress so you can continue your journey safely. You will thank yourself later whilst you benefit from lower stress levels in your daily life.

Shake Those Tailgaters

Tailgaters can be the bane of our driving lives, especially if we are rightfully sticking to speed limits where others are not. They get right up close to your back bumper, intimidating you into driving faster or simply aggravating you. Instead of letting them influence your driving and mood, find a safe place to calmly pull over and let them pass. Once they have disappeared off into the distance ahead they will also disappear from your mind, allowing you to continue your journey uninterrupted and at your own pace.

It is very likely that you have already encountered at least one of these situations during your time on the road. Remember, 90% of traffic accidents are actually completely avoidable. So by choosing to incorporate these tips you can look forward to a far less stressful and safer driving experience in 2015. 

Driving Tips  02/01/2015 13:24:35

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