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10 Christmas gifts for car lovers

Tis the season for giving gifts to the ones you love. And for many of us, it will be a real headache. Buying gifts for some people (looking at you dad!) can be frustrating as they don’t tell us what they want or say they don’t want anything at all, when we all know they will be the first to turn up their nose at a bad gift.

Here is our top 10 Christmas gift ideas for the car lovers in your family.

1. Car cleaning products

If the car lover in your family is obsessed about keeping their car clean, then some fancy cleaning kits can be the ideal gift. Whether it’s a set of polishes or some detailing tools, they will thank you, then ask you to wipe your feet before you get inside.

2. In-car entertainment

Not every car is blessed with a great in-car entertainment system. So treating the car lover in your life to a new radio can be a real gift. Choose one that connects to your smartphone or comes complete with digital radio.

3. Model car replica

Someone who loves their car will be delighted with a replica model of their beloved motor. Whether it’s a small matchbox car or a more detailed small-scale model, having their vehicle in miniature is a great memento of the love of their life.

4. Motorsport tickets

There are so many different motorsports available these days, finding tickets to a unique experience is simple. It doesn’t have to be Formula One. There’s Motor GP, touring cars, and even truck racing. Choose something a bit different and buy two tickets – that way you might get invited!

5. Driving experience day

An experience day is a chance for the petrolhead in your family to get behind the wheel of their dream car. Be it an all-time classic like a Jaguar E-type, or something more modern like a Mclaren F1, a driving experience day will give them a taste of their dream motoring life.

6. Driving holidays

If you have a bit more money to spend or can chip in with a few others, a driving holiday can be a great gift. Whether it’s a road trip across Europe, or maybe something further afield like cruising Route 66 in the US, a driving holiday is a memorable way to see the world behind the wheel of a great car.

7. DIY manuals

If your petrolhead likes tinkering under the hood, then buying them manuals that focus on their make and model can be a way for them to do some proper repair work without the guesswork!

8. Joining a car club

Finding some like-minded individuals for the petrolhead you know can save your ears from their motor-related chatter. There are hundreds of car clubs across the country, ranging from specific makes and models to more general get-togethers.

9. Something to do with Clarkson

One name synonymous with motoring is Jeremy Clarkson. Every Christmas he has some sort of book or DVD released catered exactly towards the petrolheads adrenal glands. And you can pick up some of his older books and DVDs for relatively cheap, so they make great stocking fillers.

10. Fluffy dice

Are you sick of the petrolhead in your family? Want to give them a tongue-in-cheek gift that they will secretly love? Fluffy dice are the best way to show just how much you hate their car-loving habit, while giving them a retro way of demonstrating their motoring affinity.

Offbeat  04/12/2018 10:06:52

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