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10 Great Wedding Car Ideas

Picture of a wedding car

Every bride will argue the best part of their wedding day. The dress? The venue? For some, the first exhilarating part of the day is the ride there. Itís when the excitement grows, an extension to the aisle that stretches miles up the road, usually in a fancy car. There are many traditional methods of bridal transport, from stretch limousines to a big Rolls Royce, but there are hundreds of unusual and exciting cars out there that will not only add to the thrill but will make sure the bride is truly the centre of attention.

VW Campervan

Simple and quirky, the VW Campervan has risen with a reputation for originality, freedom and for just being darn cool. Many come with amenities such as a fridge to store celebratory drinks and a rounded frame for draping in silk and ribbons.

See it here

Ultima Racing Car

Perfect if you just cannot wait to tie the knot, this 6.3 litre V8 mid-engine sports racing car will turn a head at every corner. It may only hold 2 people, but as long as everyone else has a ride, the bride and the lucky driver can cruise to the ceremony in style.

See it here

The Wedding Truck

Nothing says Ďbig commitmentí like a big truck. If thereís trucking in the family then this is sure to go down a treat, as long as thereís space to park the monster in the church car park.

See it here

Asquith Bridal Bus

This is the best idea if youíve got a gang to carry. It has all the space and comfort of a bus but the style and substance of a vintage car. The best part is the aesthetics - stand in front of it for photos and youíll instantly be transported through time.

See it here

The Wedding Tank

If itís an explosive entrance youíre after, then this is it. As long as you refrain from entering through the venue wall. The gloss white Wedding Tank is perfect for a bride or groom with military significance and is completed by a fridge, reversing camera and comfortable interior.

See it here

His and Hers Smart Cars

Since their introduction in the late 90s, Smart Cars have divided the nation: Ingenious and classy or puny and unattractive? Either way, it makes parking at the venue a lot easier and modifying them like this is sure to give onlookers a bit of a smile.

See it here

Aston Martin Vantage V8

Notable mainly for being a Bond classic, this is a more modern and stylish way of turning up at the venue and will look good in rain or shine.

See it here

Delorean Time Machine Replica

If time travel is something you and your betrothed enjoy, there is no better way than rocking up in a replica of the classic car from the Back To The Future series. It genuinely lights up when it reaches 88mph to simulate the iconic lightening from the films and comes complete with sound effects at the touch of a button.

See it here

Replica Reliant Regal

It may be in the same vein as the Delorean but itís from a different world. If itís classic English comedy you like, then imagine the looks on the faces of the guests when you turn up in Del Boyís three wheeled van from Only Fools and Horses.

See it here

Motorbike Wedding Car

The name might not make a whole lot of sense but the concept does: Cinderellaís carriage meets Harley Davidson, bringing comfort, exuberance and style.

See it here

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