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10 of the strangest car world records

People do some strange stuff to set world records. People do some very strange stuff in cars to achieve world records! Here we take a look at 10 of the strangest…

1. Fastest time pushing a car over 50m with a finger

Can you even begin to imagine the effort involved in pushing an actual car with just one finger? Well Xie Guizhong from China smashed the record pushing a 4,167lb car 50m using just a finger in 47.7 seconds. Xie is known for his exceptionally strong fingers and also has the record for the most 1 finger push ups. 41 in 30 seconds, in case you’re wondering.

2. Most car lifts in one hour

It’s all well and good having a strong finger, but repeatedly picking a car off the ground over an hour requires some serious brute strength. The record goes to Mark Anglesea from the UK (woo!) and he managed to lift the rear of a Rover Mini Metro 580 times in one hour. 

3. Fastest standing mile in a car

Despite the confusing title, the fastest standing mile event does not actually involve any standing at all. The standing mile involves a car going from stationary to accelerating the whole way through the one mile mark. The record goes to Johnny Bohmer from the US and he achieved 283.232 mph in a Ford GT to set the record. Not quite someone standing up in a car, but impressive nonetheless!

4. Most expensive car

The world’s most expensive car is a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO racer, which sold for a whopping £32 million. Why so much? It’s all a bit of a mystery, the red competition car originally belonged to collector Paul Pappalardo, but was acquired in 2013 by an unidentified (but obviously incredibly minted) buyer.

5. The fastest golf cart

Before you dismiss this record as being mere child’s play, let us tell you this: the fastest golf cart reached 118.76 mph. Pretty impressive for a lowly golf cart! The car in question is the ‘Bandit’ by Plum Quick Motors and was driven by Robby Steen from the US when it achieved its record breaking speed.

6. Fastest wheel change

Imagine how easy life would be if we could all change our wheels in a simple 1 minute 23.85 seconds. Such a feat was achieved by Motor & Touristik Club Erbeskopf-Thalfang e.V and was completed on a Ford Focus.

7. Most engines started simultaneously

Have you ever tried doing anything simultaneously? Synchronised swimming, performing the Macarena etc.  - it’s hard. So when 1,446 motorcycle engines started simultaneously in the Philippines last year we were in awe! 

8. Largest drivable vehicle made from interlocking plastic bricks

Bear with us – this is a good one! The record smashing vehicle was built in Hong Kong last year to celebrate the opening of a Toy Museum. The end result is made from over 200,000 interlocking plastic bricks and took a whopping 300 hours to complete. It measures 3.93m long, 1.45m wide and 1.2m wide. Check it out - it’ll put all your kids Lego creations to complete and utter shame.

9. Heaviest vehicle pulled by hair

He Yi Qun from China dragged a 9,585kg bus 5m to break the world record for the heaviest vehicle pulled by hair. She achieved this feat earlier this year on the set of CCTV. It looked like success was almost not to be, as the bus only weighed 8,889kg, which wouldn’t have beaten the old record of 9,385kg. Not deterred, 9 members of the audience, an extra driver and a cameraman jumped aboard pushing the weight sufficiently up!

10. Most times to roll a car in 5 minutes

It might sound like the stuff of nightmares, but this record was claimed by determined Jean Caron from Canada, who managed to roll a car 13 times in 5 minutes. Madness! 

Offbeat  09/06/2015 08:46:27

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