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2018 Formula 1 Guide

The new season for Formula One has finally arrived and race fans will be eagerly waiting for it all to roar off the starting grid once again. Last season saw a fierce battle for top of the championship fizzle out, as Hamilton cruised to victory. This year, the battle should be closer than it has been for a long time.

Vettel vs Hamilton – Round Two

The highlight of last year’s competition was the fierce battle between Hamilton and Vettel – both on and off the track. For a long time, it seemed that Vettel had filled Rosberg’s role as Hamilton’s nemesis, and even looked like he could snatch the title from Mercedes. But after the summer break, Vettel’s form spiralled and Hamilton showed why he should be mentioned in the same breath as Schumacher and Senna as one of the greatest drivers of all time. This year, the hope is that Vettel will keep some consistency and really push Hamilton to the edge.

Halo controversy

New technologies that help improve driver safety are almost always welcome. But the new halo design added to the cars this season has proven to be extremely controversial. While no one wants a repeat of the tragedy that cost Jules Bianchi his life, there is some discussion of how effective the halo will be at protecting drivers. For example, the accident that almost cost Felipe Massa his life would not have been prevented by a halo. It remains to be seen if the halo will still be controversial at the end of the year.

An extra race

2018 sees the welcome return of the German and French Grand Prixs, meaning the race calendar goes from twenty to twenty-one. More races means some fixture congestion, especially in the summer where the French, Austrian and British grand prixs land on consecutive weekends. Will this lead to more variety in winners as the drivers are put under a bit more strain? Fingers crossed.

McLaren and Renault

After last year’s disastrous season with a Honda engine, all eyes will be on how well McLaren do this year. There’s no doubt that Fernando Alonso is still one of the better drivers on the grid. But will he finally have a car that does his skills justice? It remains to be seen.

Liberty from the reign of Ecclestone?

This season is the second after the reign of Bernie Ecclestone. There’s no doubt that Liberty Media have big plans for the sport, but will they start having an effect? Grid girls are gone, and the race weekends are being turned into bigger events in each country. But will viewers tune in or will the decline continue to set in?

published: 06/04/2018 10:49:18

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