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5 reasons to go electric in 2020

5 reasons to go electric in 2020

The new year might have you thinking about making some changes in your life. Whether it’s because you want to take part in a New Year’s resolution, or simply want to use the change in calendar as a clean slate to work with, 2020 holds a lot of promise for many different reasons.

One of your resolutions may be to become greener and more environmentally conscious. If this is the case, the good news is there has never been a better time to go electric.  Here are five reasons why.

Electric car technology has vastly improved

Over the last ten years, the technology used by electric cars has improved vastly. The electric engines are now much more powerful, able to compete with many regular fuel engines for power and performance.

Range has also increased, meaning you can travel further before you have to stop for a recharge. This used to be a real issue, with electric cars almost forced to stay in the city or close to home.

Now you can use them almost as if they were just a normal car, with only longer road trips requiring more planning.

More available on the used car market

Another reason to go electric is that decent quality electric vehicles are starting to appear on the second-hand car market.

Whether it’s a fully electric or a hybrid, you can find greener vehicles much more easily than you could a few years ago.

This means you can get a decent used electric vehicle for an affordable price. Ideal if you don’t have the cash to splash on a new car or would prefer to try out an electric vehicle before opting for a brand-new model.

You’ll save money on running costs

Whether you go for a brand new or second-hand electric car, you will end up saving money. There’s no need to worry about filling up at the pump each week when you can refuel your car by simply plugging it in at home.

Road tax is also a lot lower compared to combustion engine cars, with some electric cars requiring no tax at all! Electric cars also tend to be more reliable, as they have fewer combustible parts that can cause you to break down.

Charging stations and infrastructure

If you’ve been to the supermarket recently, you’ll have seen the charging stations starting to pop up in the car park.

This reflects just how widespread these stations are becoming, with more and more being built each year. While there are still some areas without complete coverage, you will never really be too far away from a charging station to make it impossible to have an electric car.

Beat global warming

The global climate emergency regularly dominates the TV news cycle, as reports of record-breaking weather events become more and more common.

We can all do our bit to lessen our impact on the environment. Going electric is just one way, and you not only benefit from cleaner air in the long run, but you will also drastically reduce your carbon footprint. If we all do a little, it will help the planet a lot.

Electric Cars  02/01/2020 16:49:55

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