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5 things that can void your warranty

When it comes to your Car Warranty, its good to know what is and isn’t covered by your package.

There’s a common misconception that all electrical and mechanical repairs are covered if you have a warranty, but that’s not the case.

Different packages have different levels of protection, but don’t just assume that you are covered.

Here are some examples of mechanical and electrical failures that can void your car warranty.

Exceeding your mileage restrictions

When you take out your car warranty, the amount charged will be based on a set number of miles you will complete in your car each year.

This annual mileage limit is designed to ensure you are being honest about how much you intend to use your car.

The more you drive, the more wear and tear there is. So, if you go over the mileage limits, you will be damaging more than the warranty protects.

Repairing things yourself

We all want to try and save money where we can. So, we might be tempted to have a go at repairing small things ourselves.

This is all well and good if you are a trained car mechanic. Not so if you are an amateur or following some tutorial you found online.

If you break something after you’ve tried to repair it, this can void your warranty.

Making modifications

It’s a similar scenario if you’ve decided you want to make modifications to your vehicle.

Whether you want to install a different type of engine component to give yourself a bit more oomph, or you want to make a cosmetic change like a spoiler or lowered suspension, this change can void your warranty.

This is because your provider will only offer protection to the base model, and modifications you make can affect the performance and durability of your vehicle.

Not maintaining your car’s fluid levels

While the car warranty will cover certain repairs, it doesn’t mean you can neglect regular car maintenance duties.

This includes checking the oil levels regularly. If the oil is low, make sure you replenish it with the type the manufacturer recommends.

You should also ensure that you are topping up the water levels, in the radiator and the wiper fluid reserve.

Make sure you also add in a bit of anti-freeze so that it doesn’t end up freezing solid in the winter.

Towing something too heavy

Another potential void is if you use your car to tow a trailer or caravan. You should check the terms of your warranty and also make sure that you are not towing a weight that exceeds that recommended for your vehicle.

Anything too heavy and you will be putting more strain on your car’s engine, and it might be too much for it to handle.

This can cause damage that won’t be covered by your car warranty, leaving you with a potentially expensive repair and no protection.

Car Care Tips  04/03/2020 15:40:31

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