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5 things you should always carry in your car

When it comes to our cars, most days are spent doing nothing but going from A to B. Itís easy to get complacent, as most of the time our journeys are uneventful. Just a means to an end. But if something goes wrong, that boring trip can quickly become a nightmare.

The good news is that you can prepare for some of these car emergencies. By keeping a few items in your car, you can ensure that if the worst does happen, you will at least be a little ready for it.

Spare tyre

The most obvious thing to keep in your car is a spare tyre. Its also easy to have your spare tyre lose air pressure over time. You should make sure you check it regularly, perhaps at the same time you check the tyres your using. You should also keep an eye on the tread depth. And, if you end up using it, you should make sure you replace it before heading out on another journey.

Motor oil

Another thing you should keep in your car is some spare motor oil. You should be checking your oil and water before every long journey, but there can be times where you forget. If your car starts overheating, it can cause some serious damage if you keep pushing it too far. Having some more motor oil in your car can ensure you have enough coolant to keep you on the road.

Take a look online and find the right oil for your carís engine. There are many different types, so for maximum efficiency and longevity, you should choose the right type for your vehicle.


Having water in your car can help in two ways. The first is by giving you the ability to top up the levels in your carís radiator. Like engine oil, this is vital for cooling off your vehicle, especially if it starts overheating. You can also use it to top up the wiper fluid levels in your car, to give your windscreen a good clean.

But it can also help you if you are thirsty too. But if you are going to drink it, you might want to make sure it hasnít been sat in the car for too long.

Phone charger

Nowadays, we almost completely rely on our mobile phones for everything. From navigation to entertainment. Modern smartphones are not just a means of calling for help. So its easy for their battery to get quickly drained. That can be a problem when youíre stuck in the middle of nowhere after a breakdown. If you canít call for help, you canít do anything!

Keeping a spare phone charger in your car, one that either connects to your carís power source or has its own batteries, can ensure you have enough charge to call for help. Even for a little while.


If you are trapped on the road waiting for recovery, you might have to turn off your carís engine to conserve the battery. That can mean you have no heating to keep you warm. So blankets can be a real lifesaver for when you are stranded in the cold. Having blankets can also help if you have tired little ones in your car, looking to get comfortable for a nap.

Car Care Tips  06/02/2020 09:15:36

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