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7 Coolest Car Tech Gadgets

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Technology is shaping the way people use their cell phones, communicate with others, watch TV and now the way they use their cars. There are some neat tech gadgets coming out later this year, and in 2014, that will impress drivers and give them a reason to upgrade to a newer vehicle. These cool technology toys are not only neat to use, but many of them improve the safety of your driving as well.

Scanning Beam Headlamps

These headlamps are sophisticated and stylish and happen to be illegal in some countries. That is part of what makes them so cool. The dynamic beam headlamps scan the road in front of you with the built-in camera and block out the light coming from your high beams. This lets you put on your high beams without interfering with anyone elseís driving. This is done with the internal projection headlamp; itís a neat piece of technology.

Futuristic Rain-blocking Headlights

Speaking of your headlights, drivers will have access to even more futuristic car technology. Carnegie Mellon University are the creators of the newest form of headlights; lights that actually block the sight of rain. Not only are they really cool, but they make the road safe when itís a particularly rainy day. The headlights work by using a projector-style bulb and a camera that scans the road, similar to the beam headlamps. But these are meant to look for rain droplets and remove them from the driverís view.

BMW Heads-up Displays

BMW isnít the only car manufacturer to come out with heads-up displays, but they tend to be the best. So what are heads-up displays? Essentially they give you important information you need to know so you donít take your eyes off the road. Things like speed; the current speed limit; browsing a media device and other neat data you may need to know while driving.

Digital Rear View Mirror

How about the digital rear view mirror by Audi? It will be available on the Audi R8 E-Tron, an electric super car by the German brand. The digital rear view mirror works in conjunction with an installed camera in the back of your car so you get a high-definition image of the cars and obstructions behind you. Backing up and parallel parking has never been easier.

In-car Apps

The Renault Clio R-Link allows you to have apps in your car. Yes, the same types of apps youíre currently using on your mobile phone and tablet computer. You access these apps through a touch screen installed in your car, but you donít need to reach for it to get the apps to function. It also works on voice command and with the built-in remote on the steering wheel - your driving isnít interrupted.

BlueTec 4Matic for the Mercedes Benz S350

This cool technology is only available for the Mercedes Benz S350, so Mercedes owners are going to be impressed and excited. The BlueTec 4Matic does a little bit of everything. It includes an 8-inch LCD screen to manage the navigation, audio and video of your car; Dolby 5.1 surround sound through a 15-speaker sound system and two screens in the car for the driver and passenger. It is meant to be controlled by the passenger, so the driver enjoys the entertainment without affecting their safety.

Magic Vision Control

Speaking of Mercedez Benz, they are also releasing a new windshield wiper and washer system called Magic Vision Control. It will be released for the SL-Class hardtop roadster in 2013. Magic Vision Control squirts washer fluid in two directions through wiper blade channels to avoid distractions while driving as well as preventing oversplash. It also includes heating blades so ice doesnít build up.

Do you know of any other awesome car tech weíve missed? Let us know in the comments!

Technology  09/07/2013 11:17:27

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