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AA Slams Insurance Tyre Mistake

AA Slams Insurance Tyre Mistake Image

The AA has slammed a number of insurance companies that last winter attempted to claim that fitting winter tyres to vehicles constituted a "modification," which justified either an increase in premium or possibly even the withdrawal of insurance cover.

With the third harsh winter in succession having been forecast by many meteorologists in the United Kingdom, tyre companies and car manufacturers have been recommending that consumers fit winter tyres to their vehicles.  Winter tyres have been proven to improve braking, cornering and traction on icy or wet roads in temperatures that are less than 7 degrees Celsius.  

"I believe that this was a misunderstanding by some insurers" says the Director of AA Insurance, Simon Douglas.  He added that it was ludicrous for an insurer to actually penalise a driver for fitting a car with winter tyres, given the fact that doing so both demonstrates a responsible attitude to safety in addition to reducing the chances of a collision.  Douglas goes on to say that providing the winter tyres have been fitted professionally and have been fitted to the wheels according to the specifications of the car manufacturer, then there should be no requirement to even inform your insurance company.  "But if you do tell your insurer, there should be no change to your insurance premium" he adds.  "If your car insurance is due for renewal it would be worth checking with your insurer first.  If they aren't happy about you fitting winter tyres, you could move to an insurer that is."

Having car insurance is regarded as being every bit as important as ensuring that your vehicle is covered by a Car Warranty.  

Author - Michael Barclay

Car Care Tips  10/10/2011 11:00:02

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