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AA Slams low Fines for Uninsured

AA Slams low Fines for Uninsured  Image

The AA has slammed fines that are given to motorists caught driving without car insurance as being too lenient and doing little to dissuade the culprits from offending again.  With a written parliamentary answer showing that fines are usually less than the offence’s fixed penalty notice, AA Insurance says that such fines should be increased in order to serve as a genuine disincentive to repeat offenders who continue to drive without any car insurance. 

The average fine, which at the moment is as little as just £200, often outrages drivers who are honest, have taken out car insurance and Motor Warranties, but who find themselves on the receiving end of driving offences, the AA claims.  “The UK is far too soft on hardcore uninsured drivers and most people will consider a fine of £200 is an insult” says the Director of AA Insurance, Simon Douglas.  “Although there is a fixed penalty of £200 and six penalty points for driving without insurance, the police will prosecute for serious offences – yet the fines imposed by the courts are often less than that.  It is hardly a disincentive, given that the typical cost of insurance for someone aged between 17 and 22 is around £2500.”  Douglas says that in his opinion uninsured motorists should be forced to pay the equivalent of the insurance premium they neglected to take out – as well as a more expensive fine. 

It is believed that as many as one in 25 drivers have no car insurance in the United Kingdom. 

published: 30/11/2011 11:00:01

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