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ABI offers top tips for cheaper insurance

ABI offers top tips for cheaper insurance Image

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has released a series of top tips to help drivers get the best value car insurance under the new gender-neutral rules.

First and foremost, the insurance experts have highlighted that it is not all about just picking the cheapest available.

The ABI urges drivers to check exactly what is covered by policies to make sure it offers everything they need because what might seem like a bargain at first could prove costly later.

One key factor in driving down the cost of premiums is ensuring vehicles remain secure at all times, with discounts often given for cars with an immobiliser or approved alarm.

Experts added that the security of keeping cars parked in a garage overnight can also make prices cheaper.

Lower premiums can also be achieved if drivers offer to pay a higher voluntary excess, which stipulates how much of a claim motorists will pay themselves.

Driving less is also highlighted as a sure-fire way to reduce costs.

If drivers can avoid using their cars for business purposes and only use them for social, domestic and pleasure reasons they can swerve this sticky point.

There are also options for younger drivers, who are often hit by sky-high premiums, by completing a Pass Plus course, the ABI added.

With the course including extra tips on how to drive safely, some insurers may see motorists who have completed them as being a lower risk and offer cheaper cover.

The ABI has also drawn attention to the differences the method of payment can make, with drivers reminded that paying in one lump sum can remove additional costs for paying by instalments.

The insurance experts' final piece of advice is to opt for cars smaller engines because these are often cheaper to insure.

Insurance  21/12/2012 17:00:00

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