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Accidents up as cold weather arrives

Accidents up as cold weather arrives Image

Car accidents have risen by almost a tenth since the winter's first bout of icy weather blighted the UK this week.

Accident Exchange revealed that accidents were up 9% since cold weather alerts were issued by the Met Office at the start of the week.

Driving in icy conditions can be dangerous and the adverse weather can be tough on cars, which is why it is always sensible to check what cover the Vehicle Warranty includes.

The Met Office revealed that weather-related road accidents have been reported in many parts of the UK since the mercury plummeted, with many involving drivers losing control on icy patches.

This has prompted Accident Exchange to remind drivers to keep a safe distance between their vehicle and the one in front of them. Motorists might want to pay heed to this advice as the average cost of a vehicle repair for the driver at fault is 2,185.

Peter Pellegrini, from Accident Exchange, said: "Driving in harsh, wintry conditions can be an absolute minefield. Great care is needed to avoid losing control when it is icy, so drivers need to allow extra time for their journeys. Nobody wants to have an accident but especially not during the festive period."

Car Care Tips  14/12/2012 11:00:01

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