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Advertising Drive Boosts old Model Popularity

Advertising Drive Boosts old Model Popularity Image

The 2011 marketing drive by Vauxhall had the effect of boosting the popularity of some of its older models, according to  The car manufacturer made use of a targeted television advertising campaign earlier this year primarily in order to boost the sales of new cars, but the ultimate impact of the campaign was so far-reaching that the company ended up witnessing a rise in demand of its used cars as well.

The major campaign took place in February, in order to raise awareness of the manufacturer's lifetime Motor Warranty offer, and ended up boosting the sales of the company's used cars by an incredible 400%.  The deal, which was heavily promoted as being the first of its type to be offered in the United Kingdom, saw the vehicle come under a manufacturer's warranty that lasted for the first 100,000 miles driven, which sent demand for not just new but also used Vauxhall cars through the roof.  

Even after the advertising blitz had begun to taper off, interest in the brand continued to remain extremely high, with the number of visits to internet Vauxhall sales sites jumping by as much as 200%.  

Fellow manufacturing company BMW has seen a similar result, albeit for a slightly different reason.  Even though its advertising campaign was firmly focused on its new models (the BMW X, the BMW 5 Series and the Mini Countryman), its older models still benefited from a large spike in interest as a consequence.

Author - Michael Barclay

Vauxhall Car Warranty  02/11/2011 11:00:01

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