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All you need to know about car warranties

Confused about Car Warranties? Follow our guide that will give you all the information you need to know about car warranties, including tips and advice on how to be clued up about what a policy includes and doesn't include, to ensure you never get caught out.

So what is a Car Warranty?

A warranty for your vehicle is basically an insurance policy that will prevent you from paying high costs to have your car repaired if it suffers an electrical or mechanical fault.  There are two main types of warranty. The first is the manufacturers warranty, which offers the cars first owner anything between 3 and 7 years (depending on the manufacturer) cover.  Be aware of any manufacturer that offers anything less than a two year warranty, as this is illegal under EU law. This means that, should the car breakdown, the faulty parts would be replaced free of charge. Do be aware of any mileage limits that might be stipulated in the warranty. For example, some manufacturers offer a warranty for anything up to 60, 000 miles, but if you drive even just one mile over this limit within the duration of the warranty, it will be void.  Manufacturers will also sometimes offer an extension on their original warranty at extra cost.

The second type is a used car warranty. This would be a policy taken out, much like an insurance policy, to cover faulty parts any time after the manufacturer’s policy has expired. It is advisable to ensure there is no gap between the manufacturers warranty and an extended policy so you would be continuously covered without the risk of being left out of pocket. These tend to be cheaper than an extended warranty with the manufacturer, but be sure to shop around in order to find a good deal.

Don't get roadside assistance confused with warranties. A warranty will not cover roadside assistance, although most companies can add this to your policy at extra cost if you wish.

How can I be sure what's covered and what isn't covered in my policy?

Before purchasing a warranty it is important to find out exactly what is and what isn't covered. Generally the more you pay for a policy, the more will be covered. What will be covered will be listed mechanical and electrical components against breakdown or failure for the duration of the warranty. Some companies will include repairs at franchise dealerships.

Often wear and tear will be deemed the cause of a car part failing. If this is the case and wear and tear cover is not included in your policy, you will have to fork out to replace the part. Check if this is part of a policy before purchasing to avoid being left out of pocket. Some companies also offer a full service, MOT testing and even MOT insurance as part of a comprehensive cover. Be sure to do your research before you buy a policy.

If you are still unsure about what is or isn't covered in a warranty policy, always speak to a dealership for clarification before spending.

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