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Angry Drivers on UK Roads

Angry Drivers on UK Roads Image

The majority of drivers in the United Kingdom are very, very angry according to a new study from car insurance specialist Admiral.  A poll of 3,000 British drivers conducted by the company found that no less than 72% of them admitted to becoming angry with other motorists while on the road.  The survey also found that 52% of drivers have a tendency to make offensive gestures to other road users, with 76% admitting to shouting at fellow drivers.

Despite what some might have thought, it would seem that women are actually more prone to getting angry while driving than men, although men are more likely to shout or make gestures when they do get annoyed.  The poll also found that drivers are getting angrier too, with motorists feeling more hostility than they did five years ago, and 47% of the respondents to the survey also believe that other drivers seem angrier than they used to be.  Tellingly perhaps, motorists tend to be far less critical of themselves however, with less than 18% of the survey takers believing that they themselves are angrier drivers than they were five years ago.  

The darker side of road rage also revealed itself in the survey, with Sue Longthorn, the Managing Director of Admiral, noting that 13% of drivers have actually followed motorists who made them angry, and an alarming 9% actually admitting to having attacked a fellow driver.  Perhaps some of them are really just angry at themselves for not having taken out extended warranty plans on their motor vehicle!

Author - Michael Barclay

Car Warranty  01/11/2011 14:00:00

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