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April 2015 News

Is it worth getting a dash cam

28/04/2015 10:16:56

Dash cams have long been popular in Russia - where road scams are ever prevalent – but it looks like they are starting to take off over here too. In fact, consumer research company GFK has reported that dash cam sales have increased  ...

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Top cars for the summer

24/04/2015 09:15:45

The clocks have gone forward, the sun is occasionally coming out to play and we’ve got summer road trips on our mind. Whether you’re planning an off road adventure, epic road trip across Europe or a long weekend in Skegness, you&r ...

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Can you be too old to drive

21/04/2015 09:21:25

It’s a touchy subject. For many, driving offers an independence that cannot be rivalled. Having that challenged or revoked, can be an incredibly painful pill to swallow. But what do you do if an elderly friend or relative seems to be an ...

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Best stars in a reasonably priced car

17/04/2015 09:17:25

After years of warbling on the edge, Jeremy Clarkson has finally been sacked by the BBC. Love him or hate him, we can all agree that hitting a colleague is definitely grounds for a sacking! But that’s not to say tha ...

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Do Speed Cameras Actually Work

14/04/2015 09:13:35

The mere sight of a speed camera will often strike us with momentary panic as we check our speed. For many, the dreaded speed camera can seem like the bane of our lives out on the road. This is epically true when you have been caught out one or m ...

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Evolution of the Volkswagen Golf

10/04/2015 09:23:12

The Volkswagen Golf is unarguably a long-living legend within the hatchback car category. Over 40 years of production and 7 stages of evolution, the Golf has generated an amazing 30 million sales for VW. In fact, it has been one of the key participants in making hatchbacks as wildly popular as they are today. With each revision, VW continued to ...

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What to Do If You Breakdown in the Countryside

07/04/2015 09:22:20

A drive through the countryside can be a wonderful experience. Cruising down the rural roads often grants us fresh air, beautiful nature and wildlife. The last thing on your mind will be your car letting you down, but what would you do if you beca ...

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Could Driving Faster Actually Be Safer

07/04/2015 09:20:41

We are used to hearing that driving fast is bad, as we are putting ourselves at greater risk. We are punished for exceeding the set limit at every corner, whether it’s a vigilant policeman, sneaky speed camera or devilish speed bump. Howeve ...

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