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April 2017 News

Profile of the Mercedes C Class Saloon

28/04/2017 09:55:19

“Oh lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz.” The famous song first recorded by Janis Joplin could have been written with the Mercedes C-Class in mind. One of the most popular Mercs on the market, the C-Class has become one o ...

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Most popular wedding cars

25/04/2017 09:13:01

Getting everything perfect for the big day can be a headache. Have you sorted out the flowers? Does the best man have the rings? For anyone with the faintest interest in motoring, getting the wedding car right has to be a priority. So what are the mo ...

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Extravagant celebrity cars

21/04/2017 10:51:05

Celebrities are often seen as the people to aspire to. Clothes they wear and restaurants they dine at often become more popular just because of their influence. There’s a reason why advertisers pay millions to top superstars to use their prod ...

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History of Skoda

18/04/2017 10:09:53

Once the laughing stock of the motor industry, Skoda has transformed its reputation since the turn of the 21st century. Where the Skoda badge used to mean unreliability, poor quality, and overall badness, today Skodas cars such as the Octavia and Y ...

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Formula One 2017 Guide

11/04/2017 09:42:56

The new F1 season is underway. After last season’s drama and Rosberg’s dramatic retirement announcement, the stage is set for an intriguing season. The first in a long time out of Bernie Ecclestone’s control, new rules and n ...

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Five things to do before buying a second-hand car

07/04/2017 09:44:32

The second-hand car market is huge, with thousands and thousands of used cars available to buy. It can be a fantastic way to find a great car at a much more affordable price. But there are pitfalls. So what can you do to ensure that the car you’re buying is going to be a gem rather than fool’s gold. Conduct a vehicle check

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Five must-have family cars

04/04/2017 10:10:39

Getting the perfect family car is an important ingredient of a happy household. Having a means of transport that is comfortable, safe, and can keep everyone happy has to be a priority for anyone who cares about their children. Thankfully, the famil ...

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