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April 2018 News

MOT changes 2018

27/04/2018 08:57:56

This May sees a number of changes coming to the MOT test and the way cars are assessed. Itís a mixture of updates to coincide with new technology and stricter regulations on emissions. Here are a few of the big changes coming to the MOT this year. Change in the categorisation of defects The examiner will look ...

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How driverless cars will affect insurance

24/04/2018 09:39:05

Autonomous technology is the next big thing in driving. With trials taking place on roads around the globe, it’s safe to say that some point in the near future, the way we drive will be completely different. This will have a big impact o ...

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History of the Volkswagen Beetle

20/04/2018 10:38:27

One of the most iconic cars in motoring history, the Volkswagen Beetle is still one of the most distinctive sights on the road. But this quirky looking car has dark roots. Hereís a look at the history of the Volkswagen Beetle.

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Five myths about UK driving law

17/04/2018 09:37:52

Who really remembers all the rules in the Highway Code? Soon as we past the driving test, most of us forget about all the rules and regulations that we memorised for the theory test. This can lead to a few misconceptions about what is and isnít ...

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Best child car seats

13/04/2018 09:36:03

This year sees the arrival of royal baby number three. You might be forgiven for thinking that Wills and Kate are experts now, knowing all that you need to know about bringing up the baby. But even the Royal Family could do with a bit of advice ...

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Top tips for defensive driving

10/04/2018 08:33:42

You can never be too careful when out on the road. Itís impossible to tell the mood of the driver in the lane beside you, nor whether they are fully concentrated on the road and what theyíre doing. So how can you protect yourself and your car ...

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2018 Formula 1 Guide

06/04/2018 10:49:18

The new season for Formula One has finally arrived and race fans will be eagerly waiting for it all to roar off the starting grid once again. Last season saw a fierce battle for top of the championship fizzle out, as Hamilton cruised to victory. Thi ...

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Ultimate spring cleaning checklist

03/04/2018 09:46:23

Now that winter has been and gone, the time has come to get ready for spring. The better, warmer weather means you will be using your heater less, and (hopefully) winding your windows down a lot more. So how can you get your car prepared for ...

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