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April 2019 News

Top 5 Low Emission Vehicles

26/04/2019 14:25:10

Drivers today are more eco-conscious than ever before. The effect we have on our environment is now firmly in our minds, thanks to the efforts of David Attenborough and climate activists across the globe. So when it comes to our cars, we want someth ...

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Hire Purchase Explained

23/04/2019 10:03:41

Car finance has become one of, if not THE, most popular ways to fund the purchase of a new car. Being able to break down the cost of your new car into smaller monthly payments means drivers can often afford a car much more expensive than one they wo ...

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The Car Technology We All Want a Piece Of

18/04/2019 16:45:00

Car technology today is a far cry from those early models built back at the start of the nineteenth century. Now most cars have an onboard computer controlling every aspect of engine management, whilst safety technology in new cars has almost compl ...

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Top 5 Reliable Cars You Should Consider

16/04/2019 12:32:17

Modern living can be difficult. Balancing the budget and making sure you have enough money to do everything you want, it isn’t easy. So the last thing you want is a car that breaks down every five minutes or spends more time at the mechanics t ...

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Top 6 Fastest Hatchbacks in The UK

12/04/2019 12:31:37

When it comes to the cars we drive, we often have to be practical above everything else. Does the car have enough seats for everyone using it? Is it small enough to park comfortably in town or on the driveway? Can I get all the shopping I need in th ...

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SEAT Arona vs Hyundai Kona

09/04/2019 16:41:43

One of the most competitive areas on the car market is the crossover SUV model. Since the Nissan Qashqai made it the car of choice for families across the country. Two of the best on the market are the SEAT Arona and the Hyundai Kona. But how do they ...

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Insurance Tips for Young Drivers

08/04/2019 09:31:59

When you’re a young driver who has just passed their driving test, you are often desperate to get out onto the road. But the cost of insurance can keep most young people off the road entirely. So what can you do to ensure that you can ...

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How cars have changed over the last 10 years

02/04/2019 14:11:55

Technology seems to change more rapidly every year. From smart phones to virtual reality headsets, the future is now. Cars are no exception. Some models available on the road now were nothing more than science fiction concepts a few decades a ...

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