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August 2016 News

A Look at the Fiat 500

30/08/2016 10:30:43

Quite possibly the quirkiest looking car on the market, the relaunch of the Fiat 500 in 2007 reinvigorated interest in the defunct 500 range. A popular classic, the original 500 is one of the most prized vehicles by collectors and enthu ...

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Tips for repairing car paintwork

26/08/2016 14:53:15

Little scratches and chips in your car’s paintwork can be a real headache. If you care about how your car looks, these little imperfections will weigh heavy on your mind. Thankfully, repairing these little imperfections doesn’t have to be e ...

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The Greatest Rally Drivers of all Time

23/08/2016 10:13:50

To compete in the World Rally Championship you need two things: nerves of steel and incredible driving skills. The most breath-taking motorsport on the planet, no other race combines the most dangerous and unpredictable of courses wit ...

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Strangest Taxis Across the World

19/08/2016 10:07:35

Out of all the forms of transport, taxis always feel like the second best option behind owning your own car (at least until teleportation is invented). Being picked up from where you want and dropped off to the exact place you desire is the best wa ...

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History of the Renault Clio

16/08/2016 10:53:01

The Renault Clio is one of Europe’s most popular cars. One of only two cars to be named European Car of the Year twice, the French supermini is a common sight on the roads of the UK. Now in its fourth variation, the Clio continues to be one of th ...

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Million Pound Cars

12/08/2016 11:24:44

Everyone dreams of owning an incredible supercar. Names like Lamborghini and Ferrari appear on every car lover’s wishlist. If money was no object, what cars would you buy? Here we look at some of the most expensive cars on the ...

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Profile of a Stuntman

09/08/2016 10:00:19

Anyone watching a modern action movie or blockbuster will marvel at the incredible feats of bravery the heroes and heroines undertake in their quest to save the day. CGI may be more prevalent nowadays, but in the past it was real human beings ris ...

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Top Five Most Popular Audis

05/08/2016 12:45:15

“Vorsprung durch technik”. The Audi motto has never been more fitting as the German car maker cements itself as one of the most popular car manufacturers in the UK. Combining high build quality with a sporty adventurous style has made Audi the go ...

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Best Car Shows

02/08/2016 10:10:37

For petrolheads, their passion for all things automotive does not end at the side of the road. Instead, the passion extends to websites, social media and television. Watching fast and beautiful cars can help scratch that itch when stuck at h ...

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