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December 2015 News

Best Selling Cars of the Year 2015

30/12/2015 11:22:09

Interested to know which cars have been most popular this year? Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders can provide a detailed insight into the automotive market. Whilst growth of UK new car registrations has been steadil ...

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The Best Cars For Skiing Holidays

30/12/2015 11:17:47

Avid skiers who head off to the slope for regular holidays must consider their vehicles with care. It’s no easy task to find a car that can offer them the best of both worlds. Compromises have to be made between everyday driving and mounta ...

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Greatest Driving Games of All Time

21/12/2015 11:13:51

The true beauty of driving games lies in access to the most exotic and unobtainable vehicles.  We are handed the keys and take them out onto the track, driving without limit and a manner we wouldn’t dare in reality. It’s a sweet taste of the ultima ...

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History of the Audi TT

15/12/2015 09:10:08

Ever since the Audi TT coupe first went on sale back in 1999, Audi’s TT has been an extremely popular car. And as a nation, we can’t get enough of it - we buy more TTs than any other country! Let’s take a look at the history of the A ...

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Most ridiculous (and illegal) car modifications

11/12/2015 09:13:21

For some car enthusiasts driving a car straight off an assembly line is boring; they have to tinker with it first! But whilst some car modifications can be fun and are safe, there are plenty that are actually very much illegal. Here five ille ...

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Guide to Winter Motorsports

08/12/2015 09:14:44

Most motorsport cars are tucked away at the first sign of winter and left to hibernate for several months. For the more adventurous types though, the winter signals a time for real adventure. Here is how to get your motorsports fix ...

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Top car toys to buy this Christmas

04/12/2015 09:18:42

Christmas is coming which means (among other more sanctimonious things) presents! Here is a round-up of the best car toys for the different drivers in your life. For the ‘Tech geek’ driver: GoPro Don’t make the mistake of thinking a GoPro is ...

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Top Tips for Driving on Icy Roads

01/12/2015 09:05:31

Once again as we approach the festive time of year our weather grows colder, harsher and quite serve on occasion. As UK drivers we must be prepared for the worst but hopeful for best. Hazardous road conditions from snow and ice can often creep up on ...

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