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December 2016 News

Most bizarre car insurance claims

30/12/2016 16:02:14

Getting your car insured seems to get pricier every year. What doesn’t help are the numerous bogus claims and scams that push prices up. There have been some bizarre claims made over the years. Here are some of our favourites. ...

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Most memorable car advertisements

28/12/2016 11:32:27

The popularity of the car is almost synonymous with the rise of television. Both became widely available after the second world war, with commercials soon seen as a way to fund programming. What better way to promote the prowess of your car then throug ...

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History of the Volkswagen Beetle

23/12/2016 09:19:27

Quite possibly the most visually iconic car ever built, the Beetle is famous for its quirky design that has remained relatively unchanged across the years. But the innocent looking car had dark beginnings. As Germany geared u ...

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Most popular convertibles

20/12/2016 09:52:21

There is something undeniably exciting about putting the roof down on your car. Whether it’s the thrill of the air rushing past your hair, or simply a way of enjoying a cool breeze as you drive, convertibles are one of the most desirable ca ...

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How to look after your tyres

16/12/2016 09:49:08

The most important part of your car when it comes to winter’s treacherous conditions is the tyres. Brakes won’t work if your tyres don’t have grip, your engine can rev all it likes if you can’t get traction. Ensuring y ...

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Best cars for the snow

13/12/2016 09:06:13

You may be dreaming of a white Christmas, but when it comes to snow, most drivers will be dreading the sight. Gridlocked roads, treacherous conditions and the increased chances of an accident can be a real concern for anyone who relies on their ...

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Most popular cars around the world

09/12/2016 09:55:22

Since the first one was built by Karl Benz back in 1886, the automobile has grown to become the most popular form of transport across the globe. Whether it’s the volcanic landscape of Iceland or the sun-baked deserts of Namibia, your never ...

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The History of Peugeot

06/12/2016 09:35:30

Peugeot’s history can be traced back as far as the start of the 19th century. Started by the Peugeot family, the company originally produced bicycles and coffee mills. The famous lion trademark was first registered in 1858, the teeth and claws d ...

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Top tips for winter driving

02/12/2016 10:38:57

As we near the end of the year, we get closer to the winter season. Perhaps the most dangerous time to be on the road, there are more likely to be adverse weather conditions during the cold months. Whether it’s ice on the road or full on ...

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