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December 2017 News

How to stay safe on the road this festive season

19/12/2017 08:46:47

Christmas means a lot of time spent on the road. Whether itís going out to town to do some Christmas shopping or paying a visit to relatives, you are likely to be on the move much more often. And you arenít the only one. Busier r ...

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Top five winter cars

19/12/2017 08:45:01

When the snow starts falling and ice covers the road, you really start to appreciate a car with four wheel drive. Having something big and sturdy can help keep you feeling warm and provide your family with an extra level of safety that you m ...

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Top five Lamborghini cars

19/12/2017 08:43:30

Along with Porsche and Ferrari, Lamborghini is one of THE names associated with luxury sports cars. Often seen as the toys of the rich and flashy, Lamborghiniís arenít just about image. They are some of the best made sports cars in the history of automo ...

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Protect your car from winter damage

19/12/2017 08:16:25

The cold weather can be extremely harsh on your car. The drop in temperature and adverse conditions puts an extra strain on your motor. So what can you do to ensure that your four wheels donít become frozen during the winter months? Here are some ...

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Decorate your car for Christmas

15/12/2017 08:27:13

It’s the time of year to get in that festive feeling. And with lots of visits to the shops and relatives, you’ll be spending a good amount of the Christmas period in your car. So why not give your car a little extra Christm ...

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Most common winter car insurance claims

12/12/2017 08:20:40

The cold weather puts extra strain on both the car and you the driver. Whether its adverse weather conditions, the nights drawing in quicker, or the cold weather affecting your reaction time, thereís a chance youíll be putting in a claim to ...

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Most Christmassy towns in Britain

08/12/2017 10:39:44

Tis the season to be jolly, and many of us are well and truly in the mood for some festive cheer to end the year. But where are the best places to go to find some Christmas spirit? Weíve put together a list of the five most tinsel-cover ...

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Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers

05/12/2017 08:51:39

Itís the time of year where we rack our brains trying to work out what to get friends and family for Christmas. For petrol heads, it should be simple. They love cars. But finding a gift that isnít just the latest Jeremy Clarkson DVD c ...

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What will change in the driving test

01/12/2017 08:11:32

On the 4th of December, the UK driving test is undergoing some changes. Where once, all you had to do was apply for a licence, today you need to take both a theory and written test to get certified to drive. †Over the years, driving has change ...

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