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February 2014 News

Why are German cars considered so reliable

28/02/2014 12:06:02

From the moment that the prospect of buying a first car crosses each individual’s mind, we’re reminded of the message that our grandfathers and the media have drummed into us ever since we were playing with toy cars: if you want a reliable vehicle, go German. That’s right – we’re never told to support what&r ...

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Motoring Shows You Wont Want to Miss

25/02/2014 14:20:13

So 2014 is finally upon us and, as always, now is the time to look ahead to what the year has to hold. Yes, there’s a World Cup ahead of us and yes, we may (hopefully) see a touch of summer at some point, but in the automobile wor ...

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Dealer mechanics vs third party mechanics where should I take my car

21/02/2014 14:50:56

Having an accident, or discovering a mechanical fault with your car can be a very stressful event, and it’s made all the more stressful if you’ve not yet found a reliable mechanic whom you can trust not only to look after your car, ...

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Best Car Mechanic Scenes in Films

17/02/2014 10:03:36

Mechanics have many a time performed what seems to be a miracle transformation on a car. Through their countless hours of hard physical work and years of technical expertise it is possible create so ...

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Where is the worst traffic in the world

14/02/2014 11:07:24

Regardless of what you drive, there is nothing worse than being able to see nothing but the rear of the car in front of you, moving just centimetres at a time and feeling gradually more claustrophobic. We’ve all been there, and no doubt we’ ...

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Top Tips for Making Parking Easy

11/02/2014 09:12:27

Whether you enjoy driving or whether its just another aspect of being behind the wheel that you dislike, most people are in agreement that parking a car is not fun. Whats more, its not always easy we ...

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Top 10 Maintenance Tips You Can Do At Home

07/02/2014 14:36:27

As much as you love cars, there can be nothing worse than having to stump up the cash to have your car fixed at a garage, especially when you know full well that, with a little time and effort, you could do much of the work yourself giving yourself the satisfaction of getting the job done as well as having not damaged your wallet. So wh ...

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Top 5 Vehicle Rallies

04/02/2014 10:20:28

Every year, thousands of car lovers gather to drive in various vehicle rallies across the world. From the thoroughbred supercars of the Gumball rally, to the light-hearted banger rallies, ...

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