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February 2016 News

History of the UK 70mph Speed Limit

26/02/2016 09:14:47

Speed limits are often a touchy subject, especially if you've been caught for speeding yourself. Many of us have a negative perception that these rules are in place just for the financial pain caused. Yet we must keep in mind the true reasoning be ...

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The Worlds Most Unbelievable Car Crashes

23/02/2016 09:31:24

Ever passed by the scene of an accident, seen a brand new Mercedez-Benz mounted unbelievably on the barrier, then wondered ‘How the hell…?’ Accidents happen; sometimes it can feel like a twist of luck or fate. In some of ...

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Five Telltale Signs Your Car Needs a Service

19/02/2016 09:05:46

Nothing is more inconvenient than trouble with your car. Ironically, it always seems to strike when we are in desperate need to get somewhere such as our place of work. Many of us have experienced this annoyance, some even noticed something a little o ...

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Toughest Rescue Vehicles From Around the World

16/02/2016 09:25:13

Man and machine have co-existed for many centuries now. Going way back to the pulley and lever, even the wheel: these inventions have doubtless made rescues possible, previously unachievable by humans alone. As civilisation became increasingly co ...

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Best cars for a romantic road trip

12/02/2016 09:25:57

Planning a romantic road trip for Valentine’s Day? Win your date over with one of these sexy beasts! From nifty two-seaters perfect for zooming along to gizmos and gadgets sure to wow, we’ve got something for everyone here. So whether you wa ...

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History of Herbie The Love Bug

09/02/2016 09:13:22

Herbie the Love Bug is a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of its own! The star of several Disney films, this quirky anthropomorphic motor has a very distinctive look. In most films he sports rather dashing red, white and blue racing stripes and a rac ...

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Car insurance scams

05/02/2016 09:32:58

Between 2009 and 2013, car insurance premiums increased by 89% to £840, according to the AA. But insurers say they are not to blame; instead ...

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Quickest way to remove ice from your windscreen

02/02/2016 09:25:30

All of a sudden we’re experiencing proper winter, which has got us thinking about de-icing our cars. Because it’s time consuming. And if there is a way to get an extra couple of minutes in bed, we’re all ears. Th ...

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