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February 2017 News

The best car gadgets out there

28/02/2017 14:45:58

The best car gadgets out there Modern cars are fitted with some of the most advanced technology around. Whether it’s state of the art safety technology, or living room quality surround s ...

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History of the Jaguar E Type

24/02/2017 09:26:06

It took something special for the famously proud Enzo Ferrari to call another company’s car “The most beautiful car ever made”. Since it first appeared on the scene, the Jaguar E-Type is widely regarded as one of the best looking cars ever made. Symbolising the switch from the blocky designs of the fifties to the more aerodynamic, aesthetic focu ...

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Bentley Continental versus Rolls-Royce Phantom

21/02/2017 09:23:03

When it comes to iconic British manufacturers, you can’t ignore Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Both icons that have lasted since the dawn in popularity of the car, these two British marques have survived troubling times to remain at the very ...

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Top four romantic cars

17/02/2017 16:11:04

Have you ever taken your loved one out for a romantic drive? Or worried about picking up your first date in your old banger? If you are a wannabe Casanova, you might want to change your car to something a little more suitable, and we don’t ...

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Top five cars for new drivers

14/02/2017 10:09:02

When you pass your driving test, you want to get out on the road as quickly as possible. That can lead to you looking for the first car you can afford, and not whether its the right car for you and your experience. So what cars should you be loo ...

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The best driving apps to aid your journey

10/02/2017 09:24:36

The rise of the smartphone means that you no longer need to rely on an expensive Sat Nav to help your journey. Provided you have a means of charging your mobile, your smartphone can be the best tool to have in your car. Here are some of the e ...

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Profile of the Audi A1

07/02/2017 10:36:19

Of all the superminis on the market, the Audi A1 is perhaps the most stylish. Combining the sportiness of the Audi brand with the performance and economy of a small hatchback, the A1 is the choice for the driving connoisseur, whether you want to make ...

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New Electric Cars for 2017

07/02/2017 10:27:24

What was once a technology reserved for the ultra-determined green eco-warrior, electric cars are now much more feasible to the everyman.  Electric and hybrid vehicles are now much better in terms of quality and performance. Where before yo ...

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