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January 2017 News

Top five most popular Audis

31/01/2017 09:37:46

Audi is famous for its combination of efficient, German engineering with a sporty, performance drive that is a bit edgier than standard executive and prestige cars. Competing at the top of the statement car market with fellow Germans BMW and Mercedes, Au ...

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Top Five Fastest Porsches

27/01/2017 09:23:26

One of the most famous sportscar brands, Porsche has built its reputation on speedy, sporty cars that are driven by the rich and famous. There have been many different iterations and marques across the years, so choosing the right Porsche might be con ...

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Strangest driving laws around the world

24/01/2017 09:21:03

Everyone grumbles about speed cameras and parking tickets, but abiding by the rules of the road is the best way to keep safe and to keep traffic moving. Some rules are more obvious than others. If you take a trip around the world, some...are more ...

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Smallest cars in the UK

20/01/2017 09:26:41

On the increasingly busy motorways and streets of the UK, space is becoming more of a premium. If you live in a city, parking is also difficult with the lack of free spaces and extortionate prices of car parks. If you can get a small car, then t ...

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Profile of the Ford Focus

17/01/2017 09:42:27

With a new model possibly on the horizon in 2017, what better time to take a look at the history of the Ford Focus? One of the best selling cars in the UK, it has dominated the roads and the small-family car class ever since its launch.

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New cars coming in 2017

13/01/2017 09:38:26

A new year brings new models. With the future looking increasingly autonomous, how will car manufacturers deal with the move away from driveability towards having mobile pleasure centres that focus on transporting you in comfort? Automatic, para ...

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Most unusual road signs in the UK

10/01/2017 09:17:12

When travelling the roads of UK, we see a wide variety of different road signs that are designed to clearly and efficiently tell us some important information. Unfortunately, not all signs are easily recognisable. Some are bafflingly abstract. So w ...

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Most congested roads in Britain

06/01/2017 09:17:51

The UK’s roads are becoming increasingly crowded. With more drivers than ever before taking to the tarmac, budget cuts meaning long planned roadworks are delayed, and infrastructure becoming unable to keep up with changing technology, tr ...

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History of the smart car

04/01/2017 14:47:33

Once considered to be a bit of a joke, smart are now renowned for their well-built small cars that combine a small size with good economy. It’s hard to believe that it all began with the idea of a watch manufacturer. Swatch

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