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July 2014 News

One More Reason To Choose A Go Car Warranty

31/07/2014 13:00:55

These offers from Halfords are exclusively available to you when you purchase a policy: MOT ONLY £35 15% OFF a Full Service 15% OFF a Major Service 10% OFF Repairs

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Top 10 Most Ridiculous Car Accessories

29/07/2014 11:16:42

Your car is something to be proud of; something to show off to your friends and talk about at parties. Automobile marketers have latched onto the fact that itís no longer enough to have a functioning motor which can get you fr ...

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The Most and Least Reliable Cars of 2013

22/07/2014 17:00:43

The facts and figures are in. Data collected from What Car has been analysed to find out the reliability of used cars for 2013. The report covers 38 of the most popular brands and models aged between 3 and 8 years old.  By taking into acco ...

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Google Self Drive Car at Risk from Hackers

22/07/2014 16:37:15

The technological innovation now associated with Google, the internet search engine, has gone far beyond just being synonymous with simply ĎGoogling ití. Youíve seen the phenomenon that is Google Street View - ar ...

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Best car chases in the movies

18/07/2014 16:04:59

There's no doubt about it Ė nothing makes a movie more exciting or more dramatic than a good old car chase. Whether you're watching at home on the sofa with a mug of tea, or in your local cinema with an XL popcorn/coke combo de ...

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Tips to keep your kids entertained on long drives

15/07/2014 12:19:52

Long drives can be a fairly daunting experience, even without taking children into account. The sheer cost of travelling from one end of the country to the other is a worrying enough factor and it may b ...

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How to kit your car out for the festival season

14/07/2014 12:41:10

Itís festival season and youíre hyped for a weekend of music, fresh air and hopefully a little bit of sun. Youíre daydreaming of sprawling out at the campsite and indulging in your favourite beverage and a BBQ or two; making fr ...

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History of General Motors

08/07/2014 10:50:31

When many people hear of General Motors, they think of a US company that makes cars for the US i.e. big Chevrolets that are seen on films travelling down Route 66. What people often donít realise, though, is that the company has ...

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How well do you know your Highway Code

04/07/2014 13:26:38

Ah, the Highway Code – the thing that has been keeping drivers, pedestrians, horse riders, horses and cyclists safe for years on Britain’s roads. You’ve got to love it and, what’s more, you’ve ...

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The rise of electric cars

01/07/2014 11:00:01

The exciting prospect of electric cars may have been around for longer than you would think. Some of the first innovations began far back as the 1880s. However, the technology was pushed to the side to make way for i ...

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